Kategorie: Astarte Posch

Astarte Posch is a multi-media artist and sculptor. Trained as an art therapist, her practice is influenced by psychoanalysis and dream imagery. With her work she explores the concept/container of the monster as a figure for ambivalence, mystery and pleasure.

"My work takes a lot of inspiration from plants, mushrooms and critters also the deep sea, especially tentacle beings. I guess I am just amazed by all these weird creatures that exist on our planet and how alien they are. I am also interested in Sci-Fi but it always has been a mystery why people look in outer space for aliens, when they are already living here on earth with us. There is so much intelligence, love, empathy, eeriness, weirdness, joy and humour in these beings and hope my own will transport that too.

I am also interested in spiritual practices and object for ritual use, since I believe that artworks are an amalgamation of our inner worlds and the outer world of material. With setting intention working with a meditative state and intuition I explore these topics and ritual objects."

Photo credit © Daniella Mooney