Collection: Olga Maslowska

As an entrepreneurial soul from Poland who's roamed Germany since 2007, I've found my heart settling in various corners: the tranquil shores of the Baltic Sea near Rostock, the picturesque mountains of Chiemgau, Bavaria, the lively pulse of Munich, and since 2020, the vibrant energy of Berlin Kreuzberg. My fascination with art history, especially ancient Greek vases, blossomed during my studies in Classical Archaeology.

My journey from theory to hands-on experience began at plaster cast collection of the University of Rostock, where I had a chance to reconstruct sculptures' paintwork. Then, in 2022, everything clicked at Club Mud in Neukölln, revealing my irresistible affinity for ceramics.

My art reflects the contrast between structured cityscapes and the serene beauty of Bavarian and Baltic landscapes. Inside the kiln, diverse glazes blend to unveil unexpected textures and colors, weaving stories of my cultural odyssey.