Collection: Lily Teitelbaum

Ex-Bostonian Berlin based wannabe European artist. Giving the world more lopsided ceramics, not because we need it, but because it's fun. Learning ceramics since early 2022 and fully enjoying the process. Another modern crafty dilettante here to persuade you to buy her goods and stop working so hard.

  • Coil building

    These vases are raised with coils, allowing them to capture a thousand light reflections.

  • Collage plate Beige - Lily Teitelbaum - Keracult


    Lily pairs different clay types and combines them to design plates and dishes.

  • Pied-de-poule L - Lily Teitelbaum - Keracult

    Chick is the king

    These astonishingly realistic chicken feet candleholders will boost your hosting dinner table.

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