Collection: Jana Marlene Lippert

Jana Marlene Lippert is a Berlin-born product designer who enjoys to be exposed and influenced by different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. After studying in Lausanne, Switzerland and traveling in Italy, Argentina, Mexico and Israel, she finally settled back in Berlin Moabit, where she founded the ceramics studio Loam.

Questioning existing orders and ways of thinking is a quality deriving from her multidisciplinary interests and examination of the surrounding world.
Empathy and intuition lead her to create sensual objects that trigger the wish for interaction.


Jana creates delicate and colourful porcelain pieces. Tactility plays an important role, their unglazed, velvety surface and bowl-like shape asking to be held with both hands.

Body Vases

The folds and bumps remind of bodies, detailed closeups, but never become literal. In support of the natural, organic shapes Jana focuses on the stoney origins and properties of stoneware, leaving the surfaces rough and unglazed.

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